About Us

About Us

Megatrans is a Technological Company devoted to the development of the whole range of geographical information systems, AVL systems and communications. Pioneer providing localization services, currently employs IOT and BIG DATA technology for the development of hardware and software for companies and smart cities.

Provides service to 27.000 assets that include fleet, machinery and equipment in the private sector and public service agencies.



We have two headquarters in the City of Buenos Aires.

Main Headquarter
Located at Balcarce 216, in the traditional quartier of San Telmo. In this building, we have the following departments:
Commercial – Customer Service – Communication and Marketing – HHRR – Finance – Administration - Collections

Services Centre Headquarters, Facilities and Maintenance (SCH)
Located at street California 1265 in the quartier of Barracas. It is our operative centre where facilities, maintenance and development of hardware are made.

With more than 180 employees in the two headquarters, technicians and installers around the whole country, Megatrans is committed to the professionalism and responsibility of its human resources, who everyday work to render immediate solutions to our clients.

Quality and Certifications

Quality and Certifications

Member of CAESSAT (Argentine Chamber of Satellite Tracking Companies).

Active Member of CESSI (Chamber of the Argentine Industry of Software).

5 stars CESVI Certification (Centre of Experimentation and Road Security) for engineering sectors, installations and maintenance and the recovery of the units.

INTI Certification (National Industrial Technology Institute) for the installation of AVL system in trucks for areas under IEC 60079 standard.

ISO 9001-2015 Certification.

Certification from the National Winemaking Institute that certifies us, as a satellite tracking Company, authorized to render services for the transportation related to the winemaking activity.

RAPPSI Certification (The Internet Service supplier of the Province of Buenos Aires).

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


To provide tailored solutions, innovative and sustainable at a global level that contributes to the social welfare, the security and the corporate efficiency, within an atmosphere of personal and professional development of our work team.


To be a world class team that integrates communications, hardware and software, collects data, and transform them in intelligent information for the social welfare and corporate efficiency.



  • Respect and HumilityRespect and Humility
    We believe, accept and value the diversity and individualism of our staff, suppliers, clients, and Partners, as in the differences, our organization wealth lies. We recognize with humility that our opinions and our forms are only some of the many possible, and among them, truth does not lie, but only our truth. Therefore, we consider the respectful confrontation as an example of the esteem for the other.
  • Cooperation and Team WorkCooperation and Team Work
    We believe that our vision, our dreams, must be coherent and compatible with those of each of our collaborators, so that the way to achieve them be done in team work and a collaborative environment in search of a common horizon.

    We believe that cooperation and team work mean sharing control, so that everybody experience freedom of election and commitment, and inviting everybody to express their points of view, connecting the group objectives with the needs and interests of their members.
  • CommunicationCommunication
    We believe in communication as a tool to be closer, not to take distance, serving the cooperation and team work. We privilege face to face communication and openly to get a sincere contact and from which both parties learn.
  • Innovation and CreativityInnovation and Creativity
    We believe that the unique way to constantly advance one more step, is asking permanently ourselves the way how we do things; not taking anything for granted.

    We consider that the innovation and creativity is not only to achieve big inventories, but to do things better than they were done, and therefore all our collaborators are invited to be innovative and we are permeable to any new idea that rises in any nook of the organization, as long as it is developed professionally and committed to the result.
  • Passion, ResponsibilityPassion, Responsibility
    We get enthusiastic with what we do, what we pursue; whatever it takes, regardless the sacrifices done to achieve it. From our passion, comes responsibility from each one as well as the necessary discipline to achieve our dreams.

    We believe that responsibility means assuming that one is always part of the problem that we are experiencing, and therefore, we can always be part of the solution.
  • CommitmentCommitment
    We are compromised as we are passionate and believe in our vision. We strongly believe that there is no lasting success without the commitment of all and each of our collaborators/employees.
  • Quality and Customer OrientationQuality and Customer Orientation
    Just as an artist has a duty to his public, we have a duty to our customers, not only as a source of resources for our sustainability, but as a source of inspiration and learning. In return, we believe that our customers deserve services that satisfy their expectations in each aspect thereof.
Quality Policy

Quality Policy

In Megatrans we fulfil the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 We support our Quality Management Policies on the grounds of the following pillars:

Overcome present and future expectations of our customers, at the same time keeping us competitive and adding value to the services rendered.

Develop relationships mutually efficient based in the principle 'the customer is not a problem, but part of the solution'.

Develop sustainable relationships and mutually beneficial for the company and their stakeholders.

Implement a search of opportunities philosophy, innovation and continuous improvement to achieve higher value for our customers as well as for our company.

Ensure fluid and reciprocal communication among the people and the organization, so that it promotes cooperation, team work and a good working environment, managing efficiently the information, knowledge and technology.

Strengthen sustainability of our company, through values, proceedings and know how that transcend individualities of our collaborators and the circumstances to cross.



The growth and success of Megatrans is directly linked to our Partners that allow us to carry on a business in constant evolution.

They are our allies at the time of innovation and development of the best solutions at software, hardware and communications level, the three main pillars the company work with.