CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

"CSR is the commitment that a Company assumes in order to contribute to the sustainable economic development by means of the cooperation of their employees, their families, the local community and the society, with the aim of improving life quality". (WBCSD, World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

In Megatrans we assume a social and environmental compromise with the community. Through the development of solutions that combine technology and innovation, we want to contribute to the welfare of the people and to improve their life quality, according to our values.

We believe in sustainability as an engine of change to transform the habits and proceedings. We do team work to implement different corporate sustainable practices and solidarity actions focusing in the following points:

We encourage the incorporation of healthy habits in the Company to look after the supplies and available resources, improving the welfare of our collaborators.

We encourage solidarity participation of employees in actions of social volunteering. We commit ourselves with organizations and institutions that require our cooperation, generating a sustainable link with the “Communitary Centre Sol Naciente” (Ezpeleta, Buenos Aires) and the “School Canteen San Martin de Porres” (Moreno, Buenos Aires).

Since 2015, we give permanent support to the mission that is carried on by La Chata Solidaria “The Truck of solidarity” in the impenetrable area of the Chaco province. We make several donations of food, clothes, toys and money devoted to the execution of fundamental works for the community. Furthermore, we make available our technology for the visualization and vehicular recovery of the units used, for free.

We promote technology innovation as generating transformations. Since 2016, we support Tech Trek Project, developed by students of the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), whose aim is to generate experiences that inspire young people for the application of new technologies in our country.