Category Community May 9, 2018

La Chata Solidaria and Megatrans, together for the Impenetrable

Some time ago we assumed a solidarity commitment with those who need our help: the inhabitants of Impenetrable Chaqueño. There, adults and children face daily the shortage or total lack of food, drinking water, basic services and a myriad of deficiencies that hurt.

We assume an enormous responsibility and we offer our support to La Chata Solidaria in each of its journeys to this forgotten place in our country, donating the necessary equipment for the satellite tracking of the vehicles and the donations requested in each trip.

By 2018, we decided to double our commitment. From March 17 to 21, we accompanied La Chata Solidaria on the first exploratory trip of the year, which was joined by Journalist Micaela Urdinez, Chief Editor of the Social section of the newspaper La Nación.

This year, we intend to work to finalize several ambitious projects. The most important will be the mapping of the Impenetrable Chaqueño with La Chata Solidaria. Given the lack of roads and the difficulties of the terrain, the main objective is to indicate where families and communities are located, in order to have a record of the population living inside. We will continue to provide our support through the monitoring and registration of events during the trips that are made.

Likewise, we plan to carry out the promotional action Seguí a La Chata Solidaria with Megatrans, with the aim of providing visibility about the reality these people are going through and encouraging the participation and collaboration of the community. In this opportunity, we will accompany the crossing of La Chata together with a journalistic team, which will carry out a complete coverage of the action.

Another project that will count on our collaboration will be the construction of a kindergarten that will address the educational needs of the children of the Impenetrable.

Great challenges await us this year. We renew our spirit of solidarity to continue working together for those who need it most.