Category Security May 21, 2018

Asphalt piracy. Perspectives and objectives for 2018

The Interempresarial Table of Piracy of Trucks constitutes a reference of the fight of the logistical sector against the robbery of trucks, merchandise and the damages that this criminal modality entails. According to its latest report, which covers the period from 07/2016 to 08/2017, four robberies of cargoes are produced daily as a result of asphalt piracy. 57% of the robberies occurred in the Province of Buenos Aires, 23% occurred in the City of Buenos Aires and the remaining 20% ​​took place in the interior of the country.

This problem was addressed on March 16 at the first meeting of the Interempresarial Table of Piracy of Trucks of 2018. Participating companies were members of the logistics chain and those that are linked to the issue, as well as police, security and judicial, both of the Nation, and of the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires.

Officials of the Ministry of Security of the Nation and responsible for the Piracy Division of Trucks of the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires, coincided in affirming that during the first trimester of 2018 there was a reduction in the crimes by piracy of the asphalt in coincidence with The time of year. The police officers also confirmed that there is greater training of personnel for the control and taking of complaints.

The representatives of the National Security portfolio present, said that since the end of 2017 they are working hard in the area of ​​Piratas del Asfalto, focusing on the collection of data and statistics, as well as the setting up of protocols and protocols. work policies. Likewise, they will continue working to reinforce security in the areas where the greatest number of incidents are registered.

Among the objectives proposed by the Board for this year, the creation of Specialized Prosecutor's Offices in the City of Buenos Aires, finalizing the treatment of the law that regulates as a crime "the use and commercialization of signal inhibitors" and the unification, national level, the police cover of events such as "truck piracy", with the purpose of having a real and effective statistics of the crimes committed.