Category Logistics May 8, 2018

Bitrenes. New challenges for logistics and road safety

Innovation in freight transport in our country, opened the way to a new era: that of the bitren. From the horizon, the endless structures of iron on wheels are foreseen, advancing at full speed through the authorized road corridors. Despite the controversies raised between its defenders and detractors, these megacars are here to stay, which represents a challenge for the entire industry and, especially, for logistics and cargo transport security companies. It is, without doubt, an opportunity for the use of technology applied to the service of vehicle safety and drivers.



The Bitrenes emerged in Australia in the eighties and were adopted by other countries with extensive territory, such as Brazil, the United States and Canada. In our country they are used in the province of San Luis since 2007, the only one that allowed the circulation, on an experimental basis, for their routes and highways. They are formations headed by a truck and two trailers that articulate with each other, by means of a hook system known as a fifth wheel, which are used to transport cargo on authorized routes. These vehicles can measure, in total, between 20 and 30 meters long.

Argentina is an extensive country, which impacts fully on the costs of goods logistics. Inevitably, this is directly reflected in the price that products acquire in the market. That is why transportation plays a fundamental role in this process, since it can contribute to reduce said costs and increase productivity. During the month of April, Vialidad Nacional will enable 13,000 km of safe road corridors for the circulation of long bikes, up to 25.5 meters. In a first stage, there will be two central corridors: the Industrial Corridor of the RN 9, which links Campana with Córdoba, and the Forest Corridor, from Zárate to the Port of Posadas, continuing to the missionary limit with Brazil.

The advantages offered by these megacars with respect to conventional trucks are evident: they use the most advanced technology in vehicle safety and allow to transport between seventy and ninety percent more cargo, which improves their competitiveness; they distribute the weight better in nine axes, which reduces the pressure exerted on the pavement; reduce diesel consumption per trip and the emission of toxic gases. In this sense, the bitrenes are a solution to the problem of logistics in Argentina.



However, carriers must take into account several factors. The main concern arises about the state and safety of national routes where these giants on wheels will circulate. On the other hand, the training and safety of the drivers, who must have the National Enabling License and the Certificate of Training for the Driving of these vehicles.

Another fundamental factor to consider is that both the carrier and the cargo giver will be jointly and severally liable to verify the weight of the cargo at the logistics point, issue the cargo certificate, safeguard and record the documentation of the cargo transported. Likewise, it will be the responsibility of the transport company to know in detail and respect the circulation conditions of the permitted corridors. In this sense, they must strictly comply with the authorized itinerary, and for this purpose, it will be essential for the transport company to permanently monitor the fleet declared by GPS.

The era of the bitren unfailingly opens a new challenge for the logistics security and vehicle tracking companies: the technology at the service of the safety of transporters and drivers, as well as the security of the Bitrenes, who will be subjected to a series of controls to ensure adequate safety standards for their circulation.