Category Institutional May 8, 2018

Civiciti, new Megatrans Partner

Megatrans closed a commercial agreement with the Spanish company Civiciti, creator of an online platform for public administrations aimed at empowering citizens and encouraging their participation. Megatrans will commercialize this solution and provide the training and support of the product.

In a context of growing need for transparency in public management processes that involve the citizen, make it a participant and consider their opinion, public institutions and bodies face the need to implement Electronic Government actions, which translates into the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to the functioning of the public sector, with the aim of increasing efficiency, transparency and citizen participation. These actions emphasize the development of good governance, which implies achieving greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the government, improving processes and procedures, increasing the quality of public services, incorporating more and better information in decision-making processes and facilitating the coordination between the different instances of government.

Civiciti is a platform for citizen participation, which acts as a safe and neutral channel for communication between organizations and citizens. Likewise, it can be used to carry out voting processes, surveys, participatory budgets and discussion of projects in forums, among others.

The objective of this commercial agreement will be to provide added value, while diversifying the services offered to our portfolio of public clients, through a platform adapted to their needs.