Category Communications May 18, 2018

Internet traffic grows

The Argentine Internet Chamber (CABASE) celebrated the International Internet Day with the first discussion panels of the IV Conference and Exhibition "Internet Day 2018". The opening ceremony was headed by the head of the Information Technology Secretariat of the Ministry of Modernization of the Nation, Héctor Huici, and by the president of CABASE, Ariel Graizer. The main references and actors of the internet ecosystem in Argentina were present, who debated about the current situation and the perspectives of the industry in the country.

CABASE reported that, during the month of April, a data traffic that exceeded 340 Gbps sustained was generated. This significant volume of traffic, which has multiplied by six in the last three years, means a growth of around 31% with respect to the end of 2017 metrics.

In relation to this, Ariel Graizer said that "Internet is the common denominator of the vast majority of the paradigms of innovation and technology of recent times. Thus, Internet connectivity is today a driving force for economic development and is the vector to make the cloud a reality, the driverless car, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities and the economy of collaboration, to name a few. just some examples. "

After listing a series of slogans proposed by the industry to promote its development and increased competition, Ariel Graizer said that "we are committed to the task of significantly improving the connectivity of our country and accompany the goal that was set to connect two million by 2020 of homes ".