Category Utilities May 8, 2018

With new energies

Argentina has important natural resources for the generation of wind and solar energy. Law 27,191 of 2015 provides that by 2025, 20% of the energy produced in the country comes from renewable sources, such as sun, wind, water or biomass. To achieve this, the government launched the RenovAr Plan in 2016, with the objective of incorporating renewable energies into the country's electricity matrix. At present, the consumption of this type of energy represents only 2%.

The Plan includes periodic public tenders, in which different companies present their investment projects and the price at which they are willing to sell their capacity. The long-term contracts are managed by CAMMESA (Electricity Wholesale Market Administrator Company).

The first bidding round, held at the end of 2016, succeeded in awarding 59 projects for more than 2,400 MW. Carrying them out will prevent emissions of carbon dioxide equivalent to two million cars per year. The second round took place in November 2017 and 88 projects were awarded for 2,043 MW in 18 provinces.

In 2018 the Plan contemplates the call to Round 3, but in this opportunity, it will be for projects of the Public Private Participation System (PPP).