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The following describes the General Terms and Conditions (from here on: 'Terms and Conditions'). They will be applied to the navigation of our website (hereinafter, the 'Site') and the services offered therein.

Acceptance and knowledge of the Terms and Conditions These Terms and Conditions are mandatory and binding.

They apply to all activities carried out through and / or on the Site. The use of the Site implies knowledge and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. In the event that you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, you must leave the Site and stop using the same and / or the services offered therein.

These Terms and Conditions shall also apply to any person accessing the Site for any reason or contractual link.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, 'Client or User' means the owner of the services contracted to Megatrans (hereinafter 'CLIENT MEGATRANS' or 'User' indistinctly), who uses the Site.


Users can freely browse the Site, however only those who are registered can use the different features of the Site.

The registration of Users is done only by entering the Site, and it can be done by those Customers who have units registered in the AVL system of MEGATRANS S.A.

It is mandatory to complete the form in all fields with valid and true data, accurately and accurately. For a correct operation of the system, it is necessary that Users keep their data updated.

MEGATRANS S.A. is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the data provided by Users. Also, MEGATRANS S.A. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend Users in case of breach of the Terms and Conditions, as well as to reject requests.

Users will access their Personal Account (the 'Account') using their username and a personal password. In case these data are forgotten by the User, MEGATRANS S.A. has a help service to recover them. For this you must select the option 'I forgot my password' or the option 'I forgot my username' and follow the detailed steps .. Upon completion, the system will send you confidentially to that account your username and password.

As well as MEGATRANS S.A. is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the data provided by the Users for their registration, the Users undertake to maintain the confidentiality of their access code. In accordance with what was expressed in the previous paragraph, Users are responsible for the use made of their password and must keep in mind that if other people have or may have access to them in the future, they will have the same rights and prerogatives within the website. It is the exclusive obligation of the User to take the pertinent measures for the security of his password and access to the Site. The User undertakes to notify MEGATRANS S.A. immediately and in a reliable manner. any unauthorized use of your User Account, and to keep it undamaged in the event of any damage to third parties due to the misuse of your Account.

Communication with Users

By the mere fact of registering on the Site and accepting electronically when requested by the Site, Users accept that MEGATRANS S.A. You have the right to communicate with them through the Site, by telephone, by email or SMS and send information that the Company considers, in its sole discretion, that may be of interest to you, including advertising and information about offers and promotions as well as available the invoice of some services that the User has contracted with MEGATRANS S.A. and of the remaining companies of GRUPO MEGATRANS.

In the event that Users do not wish to obtain commercial information, view their invoice by electronic means and / or receive expiration alerts by email or SMS, they will be able to manifest it to MEGATRANS S.A., who will proceed to interrupt this type of communications in the shortest time that is possible.


To use the services of the Site it is required to have contracted the services of MEGATRANS S.A. and be registered on their AVL platform.

This site may not access or make use of services who lack capacity to hire, those who have been suspended or disabled, or minors. The parents, guardians or persons responsible for minors or incompetent persons who use the Site will be responsible for said use, including any charge, billing or damage arising from it.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions may be substituted or modified at any time and at the sole discretion of MEGATRANS S.A., and Users will not be required to give their consent. For ongoing transactions that have begun prior to said modifications, the current conditions will remain at the time of their agreement, unless the new modifications introduced were more convenient for Users.

MEGATRANS S.A. will post a notice on the Site alerting Users of these changes, for a reasonable time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Users are responsible for reading these Terms and Conditions each time they access the Site to see if they have been modified.

Interruption of Service - Exclusion of liability

MEGATRANS S.A. reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or modify at any time the services offered on this Site, either permanently or temporarily. The agreement of the Users will not be required, nor will any prior notice be necessary.

Also, MEGATRANS S.A. does not guarantee access or permanent use of the Site, since it could be interrupted by technical issues outside MEGATRANS S.A..

MEGATRANS S.A. does not guarantee that the Site is free of viruses, worms or any other element that may damage or alter the normal functioning of a computer. It is the responsibility and exclusive obligation of the User to have the appropriate tools to detect, neutralize, disinfect and / or prevent any type of elements and / or possible damages of this nature.

MEGATRANS S.A. is not responsible for any damage that may occur in the computers of Users or third parties as a result of browsing this Site.

Privacy Policy of the personal data provided by the User

Safety and treatment

In order to use the Site efficiently and safely, Users must provide certain information, including their name and surname, address, e-mail account, identity document, customer number, electronic payment code, telephone number cellular, etc. without which it would be impossible to provide the services. That is why it is required that these be true and exact. The data collected by the corresponding forms will be incorporated into a database for which MEGATRANS S.A. is responsible. The personal information that Users enter on the Site is completely confidential and MEGATRANS S.A. will do its best to protect the privacy of the same, in accordance with the provisions of Law 25.326 and other applicable regulations.

Users have the right to access the information in their Account, and may modify the data entered when they wish. Any User of the Site will have the right to request and obtain information about the personal data that MEGATRANS S.A., with address in Balcarce 216, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, has in its base, leaving the Company obliged to provide the information requested within ten days corridos of having been intimated reliably. The Users may also exercise the right of rectification, when the data held are incorrect.

Likewise, Users may at any time request the cancellation of their request and the elimination of their Account from the database.

MEGATRANS S.A. guarantees its Users that they will use the data within the guidelines established by Law 25.326 on the Protection of Personal Data, its amendments and complementary provisions.

In case the data are required by the corresponding legal, administrative or judicial means, MEGATRANS S.A. will be compelled to disclose them to the requesting authority. To the extent that the legislation and rules of procedure permit, MEGATRANS S.A. will inform Users about these requirements.

About the Veracity of the Information provided

In case the information or the data provided by the User are not true and MEGATRANS S.A. take cognizance of it, the same can not be discharged and also he will be responsible for the damage that this could cause.

Suggestions and comments

All suggestions and comments made by the User may be taken into account, implemented or adapted by MEGATRANS S.A. without this generating any right in favor of such User.

Regarding Cookies

The Site can use a tracking system through 'cookies', so that access to information, when going from page to page, is made more quickly. It also helps in some cases to identify Users, without having to request the access key again and again.

These cookies are small files that the visited page sends and are housed in the hard disk of the computer, occupying little space.

Users are informed that by using their browser options they may limit or restrict the hosting of these 'cookies' according to their wishes, although it is inadvisable to restrict them completely.

The system may collect information about your preferences and interests. In the event that this occurs, the information will be used exclusively for statistical purposes to improve the services provided on the Site. MEGATRANS S.A. apply, to the greatest extent possible, procedures for decoupling the information so that the owners of the data are unidentifiable.

Availability and price of the products and / or services offered

The User must take into account that the products and / or services selected may not coincide with that of the sales channels of MEGATRANS S.A..

The User must take into account that any product and / or service that requires and must be installed in a unit, can only be done in the workshops of Megatrans S.A., the User can not do it by their own means.

The Prohibitions

Users are strictly prohibited from: a. sending files or any type of information whose content is illegal, obscene, abusive, defamatory, libelous or contrary to good customs (this list is merely exemplary); b. send files that contain viruses or any other feature capable of damaging the operation of a computer, the Site or the system; c. use the Site to violate any type of current norm; d. consign false information when registering or making a purchase, or at any other time when any type of information or personal data is required; e. use programs, software or automatic or manual devices to monitor or copy the information or any type of content of the Site without prior consent of MEGATRANS S.A..

Copyright and Intellectual Property

All rights of this Site are reserved and correspond to MEGATRANS S.A..

The content of this Site, including but not limited to text, logos, graphics, and the entire design, as well as its database and software, is the property of MEGATRANS S.A. or has the right to use it under licenses of use granted and is protected by current national and international legislation on intellectual property.

If the User considers that the Site is in violation of or in any way prejudices the intellectual property rights of third parties, he must notify MEGATRANS S.A. at the address indicated in these General Terms and Conditions, accompanying all the necessary information and documentation that supports the aforementioned consideration.

Business name and address

The corporate name of the company is MEGATRANS S.A., with address in Balcarce 216, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. CUIT Nº 30-67736148-0.


All notifications and / or communications that must be made for the use of the Site under these General Terms and Conditions, may be made: i. to the User: by email, to the email account consigned by the latter, or by letter document, to the address declared on the registration form; by ii. to MEGATRANS S.A. to your legal address indicated in the previous point.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are governed without exception and in all its points by the laws of the Argentine Republic and will be interpreted according to them.

In case of any difference, disagreement or conflict arising from the interpretation, validity, scope and / or application of these General Terms and Conditions, Users will communicate with MEGATRANS S.A. in a credible manner, making his claim arrive, so that the parties try to reach an agreement.

In case it is not possible to arrive at a solution, and to guarantee consumers full access to justice, these Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the ordinary Courts of the Federal Capital with competence in the matter.